The 2022 bathroom trends are marked by increasingly spacious bathroom spaces that are integrated with the rest of the home, generating a joint harmony. In this sense, the bathroom is gaining importance, and goes from being a toilet room to a place of well-being where you can take care of yourself, pamper yourself and relax.

From Hidrobox we present these 5 trends that will mark bathroom designs and renovations in the coming years:

Bathrooms with shower and bathtub

A trend that has come due to the socioeconomic moment in which we live…reform of older homes with character is gaining ground. This change implies the reform of houses that generally only had a bathroom, which implied having either a shower or a bathtub. An aspect that at the design level has been solved by creating bathrooms with both elements and that, in addition, combine perfectly with each other thanks to the great versatility of freestanding bathtubs.

Showers and double washbasin

The bathroom has gone from being a passing room to being a space for relaxation and care. Every time we spend more time on it and having it to share can cause some problems. Therefore, the 2022 bathroom trends are wise and continue to bet on bathrooms with double washbasin and showers. In this sense, our Spot washbasin collection with up to 32 individual variants and our custom shower trays are designed to meet the needs of this growing trend. Design has never been so practical.

Integrated bathrooms into the room

The open and combined spaces gain positions this 2022. And in the case of the bathrooms too. The trend is to integrate them into the bedroom design. A change in the space already established in the most exclusive hotels and that is gaining more and more places in the designs of private homes.

90s colors and the classic pure white

You may have seen it in fashion, but the nineties have also come to interior design. In this sense, the last thing is to prioritize simplicity and comfort, respecting the design and adding a touch of color to the room. Of course, in trend colors in matte or pastel tones that maintain elegance like those of our Kromat® color range.

And we cannot talk about color without mentioning the purest white for the bathroom, a classic that is maintained year after year and makes the bathroom a pure and timeless room. A trend tailored to our solid Surface Scene®.

Built-in bathrooom taps and transparent enclosures

In all these trends, what cannot be missing to make the bathroom look like it is from this decade are the built-in taps. They save space, are cleaner and are framed in the most current design. The latest are the taps in matte black or the metallic tones. Ideal to combine with our new Radiance gratings available in 4 metallic finishes. And to appreciate all these details that make the difference, the best thing is the installation of discreet transparent enclosures that let in the light and perceive every last detail of the design.