Shower time has become an escape from daily stress, a time to relax and enjoy. And, for this, we need everything to be to our liking, that each element adapts to the space and that, in addition, be practical. Therefore, to choose the perfect shower tray, aesthetics and functionality must be taken into account.

Which shower tray to choose according to the decorative style?

Industrial Style

The shower trays in matt tones with a cement texture will give the bathroom the industrial style you are looking for. An easy-to-find style from the Arq collection.

Functional Elegance

Sophistication reaches the bathrooms with shower trays with straight and simple lines. In the Line collection that combines elegance and functionality thanks to our solid Surface Scene® material and the purity of its white.
And if we want to give it a touch of warmth, at Hidrobox we opt for the Quadro collection. Fine lines with a slight perimeter frame in slate texture.

Modern & Contemporary Style

To offer modernity and harmony, we opted for the Twins shower tray. A collection that is characterized by its slight contemporary asymmetry and the innovative Microtex® texture.

FREE STYLE. Custom originality

And if you are looking for a daring and totally personalized design… do not hesitate! Choose the shower trays from the Neo Plus collection. Manufactured in Scene® and Kromat® they offer many possibilities in textures, dimensions and colours.
You can also choose the grid to your liking and create the combination that you like the most.

hornancinas para duchas
Plato de ducha rojo Twins

Technical characteristics of the shower trays to take into account

IS NOT ONLY DESIGN because different technical characteristics must be taken into account, such as the installation time or the dimensions of the space for the shower.

If we don’t have enough time, the shower tray must be adapted to standard measurements that we can obtain and install more quickly. In this case, at Hidrobox we would opt for the One collection. Adapting to the standard is easy due to the wide range of measures it has.

If, on the other hand, we have time, it is best to create individualized designs. In this way we will make the most of the space. If the bathroom is small, at Hidrobox we recommend asymmetrical shower trays and if it is very spacious, double shower trays with great lengths such as the shower trays from the Unique collection, which can reach up to 400cm in length.

Hidrobox Architect at Work

In addition, all of them must have:

Anti-slip capacity

In Hidrobox safety is the most important thing. Therefore, all shower trays are non-slip to prevent slips or falls.

Strength and durability

All Hidrobox shower tray designs are resistant to impact, scratching and thermal shock.

Easy cleaning

Hidrobox materials, in addition to being easy to clean, have antibacterial qualities and great resistance to chemicals. In this way, they have unbeatable hygiene standards.