100% PMMA. Our sanitary acrylic production is of the very highest level that can be found in today’s market. The implementation of pinpoint, finely tuned production processes and methods allow us to work with materials of the very highest quality, as well as control costs.

Do not mix cleaning products. Use liquid detergents free from ammonium or alcohol.

Avoid all contact with lacquers, nail varnish remover, organic solvents, alcohol, etc.

For cleaning, use only a smooth cotton cloth.

After cleaning the shower tray, rinse thoroughly with clean, fresh water to eliminate any trace of cleaning products. Shampoo and soap also need to be taken into consideration, such residues can damage the surface of the shower tray. After using the shower tray, rinse well with clean, fresh water, and dry with a smooth cloth.

To remove mineral or lime build ups, use a cloth soaked in hot diluted vinegar or lemon.

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