For interior designers and architects, the solid surface material is an open door to infinite design possibilities with the highest technical qualities.

But … Why is solid surface such a prestigious material in the sector?

It is a new generation raw material made from the formulation of an advanced composition of mineral materials, organic polymers and specific additives. And Scene® is our solid surface.

Scene® is a homogeneous synthetic material that has no skin, so the exposed surface has the same properties as the interior. Its advanced composition allows us to achieve complex shapes per mold impossible in other materials. And the result is shower trays, bathtubs, countertops and sinks of great solidity, uniformity and beauty.

As for its design, Scene®, in addition to achieving impossible shapes, is presented in a pure, luminous and opaque white. Perfect for the most elegant bathrooms. And with the maximum technical characteristics. We present them to you!

Scene® stays like new over time

The technical characteristics of the solid surface Scene® make shower trays, countertops, bathtubs and sinks resistant to impact and scratches.

Don’t worry about time! Scene® also has great resistance to abrasion, so it has a high capacity to resist wear and tear. And that’s not all! This material requires an extra force to deform or deteriorate, since it also has a great resistance to bending.

In addition, Scene® does not absorb water, has resistance to thermal shock, is free from hydrolysis and has great resistance to steam and humid heat cycles. Ideal characteristics for use in bathrooms.

Ah! And if at any time a mishap happens, the solid surface, having no joints, can be easily repaired.

The solid surface is easy to clean and ideal for your health

Scene® is a material free of porosity, both superficial and internal.
By avoiding porosity, many characteristics important for the life of the product and for our health are improved. In this way, the solid surface prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria and is very easy to clean.

And it also offers an extra comfort for our well-being

Yes, yes, as you read it. If your bathtub is made of solid surface, you will have extra comfort due to maintaining the temperature. This characteristic has the consequence that the contact temperature with the human body is pleasant.

Furthermore, as it is not a thermally conductive material, it allows the water with which they are in contact to maintain its temperature more easily, ensuring comfort and saving energy and water.

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