After the worrying levels of pollution, reducing the carbon footprint and being a company committed to the environment is a must. At Hidrobox we work to create sustainable products focused on people and life cycle. But we don’t stop there! We produce our own packaging to achieve more sustainable logistics and protect the environment.

How do we reduce our carbon footprint by producing our own packaging?

Local production

By producing the packaging ourselves in a responsible and sustainable way, we reduce the energy consumption that comes from shipping and ensure that the materials involved in the process are environmentally friendly.

Designs tailored to the product

Each packaging box is designed with the specific measurements of the products to be shipped, so less cardboard surface area is used, complying with the first rule of the circular economy: reduce, recycle and reuse.

Likewise, for the most fragile items, more suitable boxes are designed to avoid breakage during shipment. We thus avoid the need to manufacture and transport replacements.

Low-impact materials and recyclability

Wooden boxes have been eliminated and replaced by cardboard, a more sustainable and recyclable material. In addition, the type of cardboard used for packaging is lighter in weight per square meter, which implies a 40% reduction of this material.

By replacing heavy wood with lightweight cardboard, the weight of the packaging is also reduced, which means a reduction in the carbon footprint during shipping.

As for the materials we use to protect the products inside the packaging, we have reduced the use of polystyrene by more than half, as it is difficult to recycle.
Instead, we have replaced it with easily recyclable plastics.

Waste management

Although we try to design and produce as efficiently and sustainably as possible, a minimum of waste can be generated. In this case, we manage it for reuse in other industries, closing the cycle of the circular economy.

At Hidrobox we bring our ethical and emotional values to each product, from its design to its delivery, so that the end user feels part of our commitment to the planet.