The most sophisticated and trendy bathrooms feature the colour Blush as a fundamental part of their design. A Blush colour that, in interior design, is used to enhance the shower space and bring light and elegance to the whole room.

The colour Blush, which made its first appearance on the most renowned catwalks, was later introduced in the make-up industry and then moved on to decoration and interior design. But what makes this colour so special?

Being a pastel shade from the range of warm colours, it brings light to the entire room, providing an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation that is so desirable for homes. In addition, it is so unique that it combines perfectly with a wide range of colours and a myriad of materials, allowing current and elegant designs, but in different styles.

In conclusion, we can define the rooms in which the Blush colour plays an important role as a contemporary style with a subtle sophistication.

How do we apply the colour Blush to the shower space?

Typically, we can see the Blush colour applied in accessories such as faucets, but to create a real ‘Blush’ atmosphere it is best that the elements of the bathroom itself as the shower tray or freestanding bathtub are of this colour.

The best ally to achieve a subtle atmosphere, but with personality, are the shower trays of the Neo Plus collection. They boast pure and essential design, and create a perfect combination with this ‘powdered pink’ so up to date.

Another good ally for the use of the colour Blush are the Space Plus Colour freestanding bathtubs together with the Kuiper totem in the same colour. Perfect for creating a functional, romantic and modern atmosphere at the same time.

Finally, there are those who choose to bring this ‘pale pink’ on the walls. In order not to saturate, we recommend using it in only one of the walls and combining it with white washbasins with metallic pink faucets. Although if you are daring with everything, change the order: white walls with washbasins from the Program collection in Blush.

This way, we get designs with elegant and modern lines that, along with this ‘powder pink’ as the key player, manage to enhance the product and the different materials that we can find around.

color blush en espacios de baño