After much effort and work, the time has come to discover some of the trends for the Hidrobox bathroom that will revolutionize the most avant-garde bathroom spaces.

Also, we tell you that: “we start the exhibition season with our presence at ISH, in Germany”. An exhibition that focuses on two vital resources: water and energy in the bathroom space.

Of course, you won’t have to go all the way to Frankfurt to discover our new collections, textures and colors. The Hidrobox catalog is just around the corner, but to whet your appetite we discover some of the new products for the bathroom 2023.

Bathroom trends full of color, color and more color

Our search for beauty in every detail has made us fill the Hidrobox bathroom trends with color and texture.

To the multiple color possibilities of the Program Colour and Spot Colour worktops and washbasins, we have added the Lisa texture. That is, a fine, matte texture, ideal for color development due to its uniformity.

And to the already versatile Space collection of freestanding bathtubs, we add the option of enhancing the color by adding it to the inside of the bathtub. This way, the Space Plus Colour collection transforms the bathroom into a place where color takes center stage.

Lavabos de diseño Program Colour Tendencias para baños
Bañera exenta tendencias para baños
Lavabos tendencias para baños Spot

Functionality and efficiency in designer bathroom equipment

In addition to design, Hidrobox is committed to innovation and to adapt to the evolution of the world of today’s spaces.

Following this idea we have created the ideal companion for freestanding bathtubs, the new Kuiper totem. Inspired by the purity of geometric shapes, it allows us to place the latest equipment for the bathtub with a practical and timeless design.

We also unveil a series full of innovation and engineering. The Pure collection of shower trays, characterized by a continuous grid, the symmetry of its forms and the order and cleanliness it brings to the bathroom.

And that’s not all, our FS washbasin collection is now also presented in Kromat, with 2 models that will not go unnoticed… Of course, this time you will have to wait a little longer to discover this and many other new products.

Plato de ducha Pure tendencias para baños
totem de diseño Kuiper para bañeras exentas
lavabo tendencias para baños