Colored bathrooms will make a difference in the most successful bathroom designs in the next years. So, if you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom or have a project on your hands, do not hesitate! Colour, colour and more colour … The latest trends in interior design fill spaces with color.

Modern designs of shower trays, panels, sinks and countertops in a wide range of colours and textures invite us to move away from white to give a touch of colour to the bathroom. A color that will give you personality, joy and avant-garde.

What emotions transmit the colour baths to us?

Colourful bathrooms have the personality and teh happyness that colours provide along with the elegance of matte tones and the fine lines of our shower tray, panel, sink and countertop designs. A minimalist design, with geometric lines. A comfortable, functional and trendy design.

The choice of colour and its combinations will make the bathroom express some feelings or others. For example, the cool tones of the wide range of blues combined with whites give that cool and calm feeling that we love.

On the other hand, yellows and pinks in the bathroom make us feel good. And earthy tones come to the bathrooms to bring warmth. Also to offer exclusivity and personality to the bathroom design.

Colors like red, in its cotta version, that you would never have imagined for a bathroom, can turn this room into an elegant space at the same time as modern and cozy.

All these sensations can be found in the infinity of colors of the new Kromat® material, which we can combine with the different Hidrobox textures to get attractive effects applied in a wide variety of ways. Kromat® allows us explode the use of color to develop interior design in bathroom spaces and cleanliness thanks to a range of 20 standard colors together with all color possibilities of the letter Ral and Ncs.

Long live our colored bathroom

The bathroom space can be designed according to the personal tastes of each one. It’s a space that will accompany us for many years and that is why at Hidrobox, we know how important it is.

The surface characteristics of our Kromat® material make it ideal both for the development of colored shower trays, panels, sinks and countertops as well as for their maintenance and durability.

Now with the infinite possibilities of combining colors, textures and custom designs, having a completely unique bathroom is easier than ever.