A complete view of the bathroom to look for the best solution.

Hidrobox is a business dedicated to manufacturing and commercialising bathroom fixtures. Our manufacturing plant includes 30,000 m2 of surface area, distributed among offices, laboratories, exhibition spaces, manufacturing area and warehouses. Included is a machine shop at the cutting-edge, both in regards to areas of investigation as well as to production.

The strong industrial character of the organisation allows homogeneous, reliable production processes, giving definition to aspects such as technical solutions for the product, standardisation of raw materials, logistics, environment, investments, and above all, aesthetic and design contributions, all of which we understand to be inherent determining factors of the product.

Smooth / Slate

Smooth / Slate / Cement / Microtex®

Knowing to learn and produce from new perspectives and new ideas is our business goal.

One corporate principle is to get to know something in order to learn more and produce it from new perspectives, with new ideas. Our values manifest themselves through a dedicated commitment to quality and progress, two concepts that we hope go beyond the creation of the product itself. Technology, production capacity, innovation, investment, and qualification are the pillars of our functioning as a business. Creation is the logical result of the sum of our values. We understand that a business that is capable of communicating with its environment is a business that can solidify its personality and establish itself as a head above the rest.

At HIDROBOX, we give special attention to rapid detection of new trends and the social habits that cause products to evolve or give rise to new inventions.

Focusing our energy on constant innovation and development drives us to implement new designs, introduce new products and incorporate innovative materials in order to offer the market ideal distinguishing elements at any time and in any market. Our main facilities, equipped with advanced technology, optimal production processes and exhaustive quality controls performed by our technical team, allow us to study and improve the behaviour of new materials that we launch.

" We are conscious of the importance that our business activity involve compliance with standards to guarantee minimal environmental impact and the protection of people and of our environment. "

— Hidrobox, by Absara.

The main principles governing our operations are:

Protection of the environment as a key factor in performance of our business activity.

Respect towards our environment and compliance with legal requirements for the environment that apply to our production system and geographical location.

Putting prevention before correction in any matter related to environmental security.

Constant maintenance of conscientiousness, sensitivity and training in our human capital, focusing on sustainability and responsible environmental management.

Annual study or evaluation of environmental effects resulting from our activity in order to continuously improve and establish better sustainability management practices.