Freestanding bathtubs turn any bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams.

They are elegant, sophisticated and offer design and warmth to the space.
Their current contemporary designs make them the visual center of the room and make us want a relaxing bubble bath. In addition to design, its innovative ergonomic shapes offer convenience and comfort. As if it were a spa!

The freestanding bathtubs of your dreams

Oval shapes with modern lines

The Space range of freestanding bathtubs is characterized by its fine and modern lines and by its oval shapes, which offer great space inside. All these characteristics make our bathroom a contemporary room and a true space of comfort.

In addition, Space bathtubs are a design element that provides distinction both for large spaces and for smaller ones as they are available in three different dimensions.

Romantic style with maximum comfort

The freestanding bathtubs in the Beta Essential collection offer us exclusivity, style and comfort, fusing the airs of romantic inspiration with contemporary lines.

The Beta Essential collection is characterized by its oval and round shapes, with variants in designs and formats within them to find the most suitable one.

Classic airs with architectural forms

The bathtubs in the Alfa Essential collection are characterized by their essential design over time. A timeless classic with architectural forms.

The Alfa collection has two basic shapes and, unlike other bathtub series, Alfa bathtubs are designed to maintain their interior capacity while reducing their exterior height to facilitate entry and exit.

And if we want to give it a more classic and romantic air, we can add feet to the freestanding bathtubs of the Alfa collection in its Deco range.

bañera exenta de diseño solid surface
bañera exenta solid surface Scene
bañera exenta Space solid surface

Having a freestanding bathtub are all advantages

The designs of the freestanding bathtubs in the 3 Hidrobox collections not only amaze the sense of sight, but also the sense of touch. The freestanding bathtubs are made of our solid surface Scene®, a material that has a smooth and soft texture, very pleasant to the touch.

Its interior is presented in matt pure white and in the 3 collections there is the possibility of adding color to the exterior. With a wide range of shades.

But interior design in the bathroom is not only bathtubs, and at Hidrobox we know it. For this reason, each collection of freestanding bathtubs has auxiliary elements such as totems and shelves that facilitate the location of necessary accessories during the bathroom.

And we are not talking about advantages only in the field of design.
Thanks to the use of our solid surface Scene® made from raw materials, these freestanding bathtubs maintain the water temperature throughout the bathroom, providing comfort and saving energy and water consumption.