Storage space in the shower is key to keep it tidy and to generate a visual balance that brings us the calm we need to unwind. To that end, at Hidrobox we have storage solutions to maximize space and add style to your bathroom.

Shower storage: niches

One of our solutions are bathroom niches, which are ideal for storing personal hygiene products. There are 3 different types of niches that allow you to gain storage space combining functionality and aesthetics:

  • On the one hand, we find wall recessed niches and wall suspended niches, which bring dimensionality. Both with the option of full color in the Hidrobox range.
  • On the other hand, we have panel niches in the shower space that allow the installation of a faucet drawer. And to avoid the liquid pooling inside, they are supplied with a drain to the shower tray at the bottom of the panel. And because they are made of Scene® solid surface, their pure white color matches any style.

Bathroom panels

Another of our solutions are bathroom panels. An excellent option for adding additional storage. Panels can be installed on the bathroom wall and provide storage space for hygiene items. They also allow for the installation of a faucet drawer if so desired.

Our bathroom panels can be combined in both Scene® finish and Kromat textures. In addition, their customization possibilities allow them to adapt to any space by combining perfectly with Hidrobox’s shower trays, washbasins, and countertops collections.

Bathroom shelves

Finally, bathroom shelves, like niches and panels, allow you to install the faucet and offer extra storage space. And design! Our shelves are made of Scene® Solid surface and offer the option of coloring the central part in the desired color or having the entire shelf in the full color.

Storage for the bathtub

And let’s not forget about bathtubs. Our freestanding bath totems are a unique and modern option. In addition to hiding faucets, it is an aesthetic and practical element available in different models, colors, and shapes.