Gelcoat is a compound comprising of an external layer of Gel Coat ISO NPG, for sanitary use, alongside a resin and mineral based substrate.


Do not use abrasive cleaning products as they may damage the products surface.

To avoid the appearance of limescale we recommend that you clean and dry the product after each use. We recommend the use of a sponge or soft cloth alongside a mutipurpose or ammonuim based cleaning agent, then procced to rinse with fresh clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

To remove more persistent limescale stains, use everyday, smooth, limescale removal creams, leaving them to act for about one minute before rinsing with an abundant amount of fresh clean water. Proceed to clean and dry with a soft cloth.


Avoid any type of contact with chemically aggressive products (solvents, acids, thinners, bleach, alcohol, etc…), which may cause damage to the surface. Should such contact occur, wash with an abundance of fresh, clean water and ph neutral soap, then rinse and dry.

Avoid any prolonged contact between Gelcoat and cosmetic products that contain colours, pigmentation or dyes that could possibly stain the products surface. In case of such contact, clean in accordance with instructions.

Although the Gelcoat shower trays has a high tolerance to impacts, it is not completely ‘indestructible’. Strong mishandling may cause a complete breakages.

The Gelcoat shower trays has been designed with a view to indoor use, and should not be left exposed to direct sunlight.


Should the shower tray suffer any light scratching to it’s surface, please order a “Gelcoat” retouch kit, indicating the colour, according to the product.

If a severe degredation of the product surface takes place, due to the effects of water etc, please order a “Gelcoat” restore kit, indicating the colour, according to the product.

Should the product suffer any heavier damage that requires the addition of mass (denting, chipping, breakage etc) please order a “Gelcoat” repair kit.

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