At the most supportive time of the year we join this solidarity initiative with ‘Ayuda en Accion’.

The amount raised thanks to these Christmas cards will go to the “Ninguna Niña sin Oportunidades” (No Girl without Opportunities) project, that will be carried out in rural and impoverished areas of Ethiopia. Thanks to this colaboration, we will be able to restore the dignity to girls so that they can go to school and continue enjoying their rights.

In these days where every gesture is so necessary, solidarity and sustainability have become essential pillars at Hidrobox. Therefore, throughout the year we care about actions like this to protect and help the most disadvantaged people of our planet on the one hand and actions to ensure minimal environmental impact on the other.

“Ninguna Niña sin Oportunidades” (No Girl without Opportunities) project

This much-needed project, which will benefit from the proceeds of the Ayuda en Acción 2022 Christmas Campaign, arose within the NGO Ayuda en Acción and aims to improve the living conditions of girls in rural and impoverished areas of Ethiopia, where underage girls have to face social stigma and discrimination from the moment they reach puberty.

The NGO works to restore dignity to girls and to enable them to lead a normal life, according to their age. To this end, we carry out:

  • Training for girls and women to protect themselves from violence and harmful traditional practices.
  • Access and training of girls in menstrual hygiene kits to increase girls’ school attendance.
  • The creation of a sustainable business model that generates service and local employment for women.

With actions like this, from Hidrobox we want to promote the solidarity of people in a global world, while collaborating with this project and publicizing ‘Ayuda en Acción‘. An NGO that since 1981 works to meet the needs and interests of those children and their families who are vulnerable to poverty, exclusion, and inequality.