The world evolves at the speed of light and new technologies have always kept us one step ahead. And this time we did it again. We present a new logo to meet the most demanding evolution.

A restyling adapted to the new times

Hidrobox grows and adapts to the new times, and our image too. Thus, the restyling of the logo is born with the clear objective of revitalizing the brand image and supporting the growth of the company.

In short: adaptability and innovation. These have been the two pillars on which we have focused this redesign, in which the needs of the digital environment have played a very important role. The brand is now comfortably positioned in the standards of readability on screen in any type of device, in which we increasingly work and visualize information.

The brand experience as the true star

At Hidrobox we have opted for a redesign instead of a radical change because we are committed to the brand experience as the key player. We are the same, but more committed, sophisticated, and innovative than ever.

This new brand image represents innovation, but also the passion and ongoing effort of the whole team to offer a quality and updated experience, adapting to the most contemporary needs and solutions.

Being bathroom products manufacturers and designers, the quality of the products, the customer service and the constant innovation are those points with which the customer comes to trust us. An experience that we wanted to capture in this redesign.

The process of creating the new Hidrobox logo

With a geometric approach and inspired by the famous Bauhaus design school, the characters have been created with functional and minimalist modifications to customize the logo and give it a modern and harmonious air among its shapes.
In the new Hidrobox image, organic shapes coexist with straight and decisive cuts that metaphorically refer to the versatility of the product and the firm’s design