Intim is much more than a collection of communal washbasins; it is a revolution in the creation of intimate and customized spaces in public bathrooms. A quest for privacy in collective spaces that has become a hallmark in the world of architecture and design.

With its focus on privacy and technology, Intim is changing the way we experience public and corporate bathrooms. Introducing our new collection of communal washbasins.

An innovative modular washroom concept

The essence of Intim lies in its focus on communal washbasins. However, this is no ordinary washbasin. What makes it truly unique is an illuminated partition between each washbasin. This lighting creates an opaque effect that ensures no prying eyes, thus transforming the space into one that is, as the name suggests, much more intimate.

But that’s not all; Intim offers two different versions to meet the needs of diverse environments

  • The Intim_e version incorporates devices that prevent contact with surfaces, which is particularly relevant in today’s context of hygiene and health.
  • The Intim_c version is fully customizable, allowing adaptation to a wide variety of market equipment.

Advanced technology for a unique experience

Technology is central to Intim. The modular elements can be customized to apply the “guide line” of each company or brand, thus transforming the bathroom space into a corporate space.

Its electronic system, activated by a laser sensor with adjustable sensitivity, ensures trouble-free operation without contact with the washroom surfaces and efficient consumption of resources. The whole sensor system (the tactile and automatic control of soap, water and air usage) is controlled by a compact and easy-to-maintain system, ensuring a continuous experience.

An inspiring collaboration

Intim is the result of a collaboration with THE ROBOT DESIGN design studio, which has brought its creativity and experience to the project. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this exciting collection at the presentation that will take place on Wednesday 27th at their booth at the prestigious Cersaie exhibition.