Have you ever stopped to think about the shower tray rack? It is a differentiating element, a hallmark that gives personality and refinement to the shower space.

The shower tray grid is one of those details that make the difference, allowing you to add a touch of originality and personality to the design of the shower space. For this reason, at Hidrobox we have grating designs with different finishes and colors that will allow you to give the shower space the style you want. We present them to you.

Round grids Point, Star and Radiance

The geometric design of the Star grid transfers that feeling of order and serenity so sought after in the bathroom space. A trendy retro style that combines perfectly with both modern bathrooms and the most classic designs.

For its part, the Point design offers originality and depth to the shower space. Its design is ideal for more eclectic bathroom styles.

Both grates, in addition to stainless steel finishes, can be combined with the same color of the shower tray. In this way, the grid is integrated into it, offering continuity and refinement.

And if you are passionate about bold designs, we have a combination that you will love. Choose a color for the shower tray and a different one for the grate. The result is unique and in this way you will add a personal signature to the room.

And for those looking for a modern, industrial or exclusive style, we present the Radiance gratings. This range of grilles, with a design inspired by the beginning of the last century and recovered for modernity, is the definitive detail for those who wish to provide new metallic combinations. Radiance gratings are available in four finishes: Rame, Golden, Steel, and Gunmetal. Depending on which one is selected, you can give a more industrial or sophisticated air to the shower space.

What shower trays can I combine these grates with?

The shower trays from the Neo Plus collection are perfect to combine with these grates. This collection, with a pure and essential design, incorporates a great depth of possibilities to meet any functional or aesthetic need, including these grates for shower trays.

In addition, Star, Point and Radiance gratings are also available for the Quadro and Unique shower tray collections.

Having a designer shower tray that matches your personality is now easier than ever. Define measurements, color, material, texture and…. down to the grid design.