Accessories for freestanding bathtubs such as totems complement this trend in interior design, making the bathroom not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

Thanks to the totems, the classic doubts about freestanding bathtubs are solved: Where do we leave or store the toiletries? Where do we place the faucet if the bathtub is far away from the shower area or even in the bedroom?

Totems have a dual function: aesthetic and functional

Although there are floor-mounted faucets specifically for freestanding bathtubs, they lose the aesthetic component and the storage functionality. In this regard, totems solve these shortcomings:

  • They make it easier to locate the accessories needed during bathing thanks to trays or shelves incorporated in the totem design, improving our comfort.
  • They conceal the faucets thanks to their great adaptability. They can vary in their measures, both in width and height, allowing to accommodate all types of faucets. From the most conventional to the latest technology mechanisms required for chromotherapy or hydromassage.
  • They are an aesthetic element that are part of the design with different models, colors and shapes that combine perfectly with Hidrobox freestanding bathtub collections: Space, Beta Essential and Alfa Essential.

Therefore, no wonder that the most spectacular trendy bathrooms include this new and modern accessory for freestanding bathtubs as part of the set.

Kuiper – The latest trend in design totems

The latest trends in interior design reach bathrooms with Kuiper. It is a totem that, inspired by the purity of geometric shapes, combines form and function with a practical and timeless design.

On the functional side, Kuiper features the latest technical innovations, incorporating a spout inside for filling the bathtub.

On the aesthetic side, in addition to its elegant and minimalist lines, there are many possibilities for color customization, both in the complete totem and by combining the tray in one color and the body in another one. There is also a huge range of possibilities for the handles, which can be freely chosen by the customer.

Thus, Hidrobox totems become the ideal design and functionality companions to complement the freestanding bathtubs and give them your personal touch.