The bathroom has become the excelent space for daily well-being in homes and, therefore, it is a space that demands practicality. Where to leave the towels or hygiene products without disturbing the order seems simple, but it is not.

In this sense, the design of bathroom furniture and accessories facilitate daily life as well as providing exclusivity to the space. And there are as many elements as we have needs, from towel rails embedded in the countertop to designer shelves and niches.

Organize the bathroom with Program

We all know that the utensils and towels must be at hand so that it is comfortable to use them. That our accessories are visible is practical, but it makes visual balance difficult.

With this in mind, the Program countertop basin collection offers the possibility of selecting bathroom accessories with which to equip the basin and countertop, such as open drawers, embedded towel rails or shelves, which help us keep the bathroom space tidy. The great versatility of the collection manages to follow the current trends of wall-hung washbasins with which the bathroom space is visually increased, while at the same time an orderly and practical bathroom is achieved thanks to the elements that provide it with functionality.

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Take advantage of the walls to gain space

And if you don’t have enough space with the help of furniture, taking advantage of the walls by using shelves is always a great idea. This will prevent the countertops from being used to leave all the utensils, causing a feeling of disorder.

Hidrobox shelves have measurement ranges of up to 210cm in length with different formats, ideal for placing both hygiene products and decorative elements. In addition, on the shelves there is the possibility of installing the taps and taking advantage of the space even more.

Another of the bathroom accessories that help to bring order, this time in the shower area, are niches. They are a design and comfortable solution to have the shower cans organized. In addition, being integrated into the wall does not give the feeling of taking up space. Like the shelves, they allow the installation of a tap drawer if desired.

Each piece is studied and developed individually. Get in touch with us and we will help you design a designer bathroom space that is functional and adapted to your needs.

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