We are at a time when finding something personal, unique, and handmade has become a luxury.

Handmade, although it is the essence of production and tradition, has now become an alternative to depersonalized mass production.

Therefore, the return to craftsmanship and handmade links us to our past, to the traditions of the craft trades where each piece was created thinking about the smallest detail and in which all the possible care was put so that the result was something personal and unique.

A commitment to tradition and innovation

Handmade, far from disappearing, has become the ‘new luxury’, a lifestyle for those who are looking for something special, different, and personalized.

However, handmade has been reinvented to adapt to new times and new styles. As is the case with Iconik. A collection of shower trays inspired by Mediterranean roots, craftsmanship and tradition, but which, in turn, has adapted the most current technical advantages of solid Surface.

Creativity, tradition, innovation, and quality have become the main values of handmade.

Showertray handmade Iconik

Craftsmanship and raw materials for an exclusive shower tray

We see more and more this trend for craftsmanship, for handmade, in fields such as jewelry and fashion. At Hidrobox we wanted to take this exclusive trend to its fullest with our new collection of shower trays Iconik. A tribute to craftsmanship, recalling four artisan trades: chairmaking, basket weaving, pottery, and needlework.

From them, we have selected the most noble and representative natural raw materials such as esparto grass, palm, clay, and silk, and we have captured their essence in the Iconik shower trays, through hand applied graphics that evoke them.

The result is a shower tray that makes us stop, think, and appreciate the details, those differentiating and unique elements in which craftsmanship recovers all its value. A collection designed to create unique sensations that evoke tradition, modernity, and exclusivity.