In the ongoing quest for perfection in interior design, the bathroom has become a canvas for creative expression and innovation. Technological advances have led to the creation of innovative bathroom materials: Scene®, Solid Surface with excellent performance and Kromat®, an advanced composite with maximum durability. These have become increasingly popular due to their unique properties and their ability to elevate the bathing experience in the home environment. 

Both of these  Hidrobox materials turn the bathroom into a sustainable space, thanks to their aesthetics and functionality in restroom design. These innovative bathroom materials not only meet contemporary demands, but also introduce new possibilities in terms of durability and maintenance.

1. Stage Elegance: Discover Scene® and its Matte White for Sophisticated Bathrooms

In the universe of bathroom design, pure white is not only essential, but becomes the cornerstone of sanitary aesthetics. Scene® brings us the possibility to further evolve this white, giving it unparalleled luminosity and opacity.

White, considered the essential color in the healthcare field, plays a key role in allowing us to take full advantage of the benefits of the Scene® Solid Surface material. Its purity, absence of impurities and resistance to shifts to blue, yellow or green-red shades make it a perfect canvas. 

The result of years of dedication and development, we guarantee the stability of this white and its suitability to enhance the beauty of products in the bathroom environment. In addition, Scene® meets rigorous international quality standards, such as ISO19712, guaranteeing properties such as resistance to water, thermal shock, heat, impact, stains and more. Scene® is not just a material, it is the guarantee of a unique experience in every corner of your most intimate space.

Explore Scene Plus Colour: elevate bathroom style to a more personal level.

Now you can push sophistication to another level with the Plus Colour option, which allows for the application of colors both internally and externally. The latest collections we present such as Space, Iconik, Beta, Unique or Kuiper include this option, providing not only standard colors, but also a wide variety of shades according to Ral and NCS charts.

Bathrooms of the Future: Discover the Revolution with Innovative Scene® and Kromat® Materials.
Bathrooms of the Future: Discover the Revolution with Innovative Scene® and Kromat® Materials

2. Kromat®: Colors, Textures and Resistance in the Avant-Garde of Bathroom Materials

Kromat® stands out as a compact composite, without pores on its surface or inside, formulated from resins and a variety of mineral fillers. Its advanced composition features an exterior surface based on top quality iso npg gelcoat innovations, providing remarkable hardness and excellent performance for use in bathroom environments.

This material, the result of the company’s ongoing research and experience, belongs to the category of non-homogeneous compact materials. It stands out because of its ability to offer new finishes, colors and properties, being ideal for the creation of a wide range of shades while maintaining its surface characteristics over time.

Kromat® excels in its outstanding resistance to common hygiene products, ease of cleaning and exceptional durability. In addition to complying with standard product norms, ABS Lab sets internal and reference requirements to public standards, considering the company’s extensive experience in the world of solid surface. Discover how Kromat® redefines innovation in bathroom materials.”

Kromat is an excellent material for shower trays such as Neo Plus, Twins, One o Quadro, flagship collections of the Hidrobox brand.

Bathrooms of the Future: Discover the Revolution with Innovative Scene® and Kromat® Materials
Bathrooms of the Future: Discover the Revolution with Innovative Scene® and Kromat® Materials