Personal wellness spaces enter Hidrobox’s bathroom trends in 2024

A journey towards tomorrow where textures, sustainability and warm colors play the leading role in the most intimate space of the house. 

At Hidrobox we introduce 6 trends that will mark the designs and bathroom renovations this year.  

1. Bathrooms with wider showers with waterfall

The Neo Plus collection features a versatile and elegant design. With a wide range of sizes, with maximums of 140 cm x 170 cm with side evacuation, and maximums of 110 cm wide and 210 cm long with central evacuation, these shower trays adapt to any type of space. 

Their side or central drain not only ensures efficient drainage, but also creates an ideal setting for the incorporation of waterfalls for an experience beyond the ordinary.

2. Freestanding bathtubs for couples

For those looking to enjoy as a couple, the Space and Beta Essential  freestanding bathtubs are the perfect choice. Without a doubt, two jewels that combine style and functionality.

Space, with its oval shape, offers a roomy interior. Beta Essential, in its round versions, is a wide and comfortable option that, fused with the romantic inspiration, is ideal for sharing as a couple.

Both options are available in several colors to suit personal taste and enjoy a unique experience.

3. Environmentally responsible bathrooms

On the evolution of Hidrobox’s bathroom trends in 2024 , we are leading the change towards a more sustainable tomorrow. 

We use energy-efficient systems, 0% silica materials, water-free manufacturing and eco-sustainable packaging.

Thus, we reduce our carbon footprint and comply with our main premise: being respectful with the environment and people.

4. Mix&Match: Bathrooms that fuse materials and textures

Minimalism meets artistic expression in new bathroom trends in 2024. 

Designer shower trays, available in different textures, whether smooth, embossed like Microtex or in slate or cement finish, integrate perfectly with the aesthetics of each bathroom.

Tendencias: Cómo serán los baños en 2024

Furthermore, you can create interesting combinations thanks to the panels available in the same texture as the shower tray or with a different finish.  

5. Warm bathrooms with neutral colors

A trend that is going to stand out in bathrooms will be the introduction of neutral and warm colors

Hidrobox’s Standard color range offers options such as Standard Basics, ideal for an elegant bathroom with a neutral touch that matches everything, and Standard Trends, which provides warmer colors such as Sand Stone, Golden, Cotta or Blush..

For those who wish to further customize their bathroom, Neo Plus shower trays offer metallic grating options in different shades or full-color grating, for the more daring.

6. Functional bathroom furniture with storage

At Hidrobox we have Program, a versatile and fully customizable washbasin. This washbasin allows you to add drawers and cassettes with faucet options, as well as customize the basin sinks to elevate your personal space even more.

As for accessories, towel racks are still the star of the show, bringing practicality and minimalism to the bathroom.