Having a small bathroom at home is associated with simplicity and practicality.

If you are thinking about how to decorate a small bathroom, without losing that touch of style and comfort, from Hidrobox we offer you some ideas to turn it into a corner of intimacy and relaxation without losing its functionality.

1. Compact products

First of all, it is important to assess the need to include products that allow you to save as much space as possible. If you are looking to build a small bathroom, or you already have a large bathtub or shower tray, replacing it with a small shower tray is a good option. This way, you will get more space and greater accessibility.

The Iconik and Neo Plus shower trays, in addition to having a wide range of sizes, also have square formats, which save space and increase comfort.

For small bathrooms with recesses, the Neo Plus has an option with cut-outs, allowing the shower tray to be adapted to more complex spaces. And to further customize your bathroom, choose Unique, which offers full customization and a wide range of options to achieve the perfect design for you.

2. Spaciousness and convenience

Washbasins are central pieces that are becoming more and more important, and they are the perfect allies when it comes to gaining space. Go for small washbasins suspended in the air in a minimalist style.

The Guest washbasin collection is ideal for bathrooms with little space, without losing design and functionality. In addition, it is available in wall-mounted, countertop or structured versions. The latter allows for a storage shelf underneath, without compromising on useful space in the bathroom.

In cases where a small bathroom is shared with several people, it is essential to have all the necessities in order, so the best option is custom-made furniture.

A popular option for decorating shared small bathrooms is the Artop worktop, in different formats and options. You can install two sinks from the Spot on top of it, making it easier to live together in the bathroom and store supplies on the worktop itself.

3. Simple materials

If you are not sure how to decorate a small bathroom, less is always more. The use of materials that offer the same finishes in different products allows you to create a visual harmony that increases the feeling of space and creates an atmosphere of peace and calm. So it is advisable not to mix many materials or textures, and choose the same finish and color throughout the space.

All the Hidrobox collections, mentioned above are available in smooth texture and in the Standard and Special color range. Thanks to this, not only visual harmony is achieved, but also chromatic harmony, both for a monochromatic bathroom and for one that combines different tones.