This year, our yearly appointment with the prestigious Cersaie exhibition has been much more than a product showcase. Together with our Italian partner Edoné Design, we turned the booth for Hidrobox at Cersaie into an immersive experience full of innovation, design and creativity.

We tell you the four reasons why our participation was nothing short of a success.

1. A Captivating Booth

Beyond aesthetics, the design of the booth for Hidrobox at Cersaie evolved to offer a sensory experience. An intimate space where each product shone thanks to carefully orchestrated contrasts of light, color and shape.

Inspired by nature, the booth was presented in a palette of colors ranging from greens to blues and browns, along with colorful corners. A combination that created the perfect balance between natural serenity and creative vitality, thus turning the space into a sea of design sensations.

To achieve this balance, we divided the stand into two separate areas:

  • A technical one, in which the products were presented from a deconstructed perspective, explaining each feature in detail.
  • Another one dedicated to settings that allowed visitors to see how Hidrobox and Edoné products interact in real environments, providing them with personality and power.

2. INTIM: the revolution of collective environments

The launch of the new INTIM washbasin collection, by the prestigious designers from “The Robot Design”, Marc Barlona and Pau Rovira.

Our innovative proposal, born to preserve privacy in collective environments, met the highest expectations, capturing the attention of all those present and becoming the crown jewel of this edition of Hidrobox at Cersaie.

3. International attendance record

Our booth, together with Edoné Design, witnessed an astonishing international influx, breaking visitor records. People from all over the world and from a variety of industries stopped to admire this sensory space created with the magic and design of our products, infusing even more life and energy to the booth.

4. The effort of Hidrobox team

The success of Hidrobox at Cersaie would not have been possible without the tireless effort and dedication of the whole team, supported by the invaluable collaboration of Edoné Design.

Stand Hidrobox en Cersaie