When it comes to renovating the bathroom, one of the main doubts we are faced with is: Single or double washbasin? And it is not an insignificant detail, because the number of basins chosen will mark the aesthetics and functionality of this space of well-being.
Therefore, we present the advantages and characteristics of each of them:

Double-basin washbasins

The washbasin with double basin is perfect if you are looking for a bathroom according to the new trends. This choice provides greater practicality. Of course, we must not forget that in this case it is recommended that the length of the washbasin is at least 120 cm and the separation between the basins of at least 25 cm. In case of selecting lesser measures, its functionality would be lost.

And although it may seem more complicated, double washbasins also offer great design possibilities. Like the Program collection, which allows you to customize your own piece by offering 37 designs of oval, rectangular or circular basins. The most popular option is the CITY design, noteworthy for its rectangular and modern shape.

In addition, Program offers the possibility to create your design with both double and single basins and to select accessories to furnish the washbasin, such as drawer, towel rack or crown.

Lavabos de diseño Program Colour Tendencias para baños
Hidrobox lavabo doble Program
baños de colores modernos y de diseño

Single-basin washbasins

On the other hand, single-basin washbasins are ideal for both large bathrooms and smaller bathrooms, as their size ranges from 30 cm to more than 100 cm.

In this sense, single-basin washbasins offer the possibility of having more space by being able to incorporate a larger countertop. For this selection there are three placement options: centered, offset to the right or offset to the left. Increasing the decorative possibilities.

Another of its possibilities is that the sink occupies almost the entire countertop incorporating more faucets and reconverting it into a washbasin for shared use.

And for a more standard alternative of a simple washbasin without losing design and elegance, we find the LOM collection. It offers a type of washbasin that confers uniformity to the space with a fixed central geometric basin design, pleasant to the touch and standard sizes, which make it easy to integrate. In addition, LOM offers great simplicity of installation, since, unlike double washbasins, it requires only one duct outlet.

Hidrobox lavabo un seno LOM
Hidrobox lavabo un seno LOM