When it comes to maximizing space in small bathrooms, choosing the right washbasins is critical. That’s why wall-hung washbasins for small bathrooms are an excellent choice. These washbasins, which are installed directly on the wall without additional supports, free up floor space, creating a sense of visual amplitude.

We’ll introduce you to the best small washbasins or with customizable sizes that will make your bathroom look incredibly stylish and make the most of every inch.

Customizable bathroom washbasins with storage

Wall-hung washbasins with storage are ideal for small bathrooms. In this sense, the Swap collection with a very personal and daring design gains in functionality with the incorporation of a metal structure that maximizes storage space. Its open structure creates a greater sense of spaciousness.

  • The collection allows you to combine the metal structure with the chosen color of the washbasin or free-standing countertop and offers sizes ranging from 80x40x45 to 120x40x45.
Hidrobox washbasins Swap baños pequeños
Hidrobox-lavabos pequeños Swap

Washbasins for guest bathrooms

In order for guest bathrooms to benefit from design and functionality without compromising on the latest trends, the Guest washbasin collection meets all expectations of convenience and design. This series of washbasins for guest bathrooms is ideal for its reduced sizes and is available in two models:

  • A circular one of ø30x20h
  • Another rectangular one with a minimum size of 22x40x16h and a maximum size of 30x80x20h. Moreover, this model allows the inclusion of a towel rack or structure.

Similarly, the Spot collection of countertop washbasins has the Mural option that allows it to be placed directly on the wall (without countertop) with the possibility of installing faucets on both sides. These modern small washbasins are available in two models:

  • Spot 163 measuring 42x42x30h.
  • Spot 164 measuring 42x48x30h.
Guest lavabo para baños pequeños
Hidrobox-washbasins-Swap-Spot small bathrooms

Washbasins with adaptable dimensions

Depending on the size of the bathroom, a great option is to choose a washbasin that adapts to all spaces, as in the case of the elegant LOM collection.

  • With sleek lines and in pure white, it is available in sizes from 45.5×71 to 50.5×141. In addition, you can also select its height with two options: 1.2 and 15 cm.

This new washbasin is designed for recessed installation on furniture, on a metal structure or for wall-hung installation. Fully adaptable to the needs of the bathroom.

Hidrobox-Washbasin-Lom baños pequeños modernos
Hidrobox lavabos pequeños Lom