En suite bathrooms are a luxury that many wish to have in their home. This interior design trend combines the privacy of a bedroom with the functionality of a personal bathroom.

If you’re thinking about designing an en suite bathroom and transforming your bedroom into a true relaxation haven, here are some tips for creating a space of luxury and functionality.

Size and layout

First, it’s important to consider the space available. If you have a large bedroom, you can choose a roomier design, including freestanding bathtubs and showers and double sinks.

However, if your bedroom is smaller, it is essential to maximize the space by using clever solutions, such as modern shower trays and sinks with adaptable sizes like those in the Lom collection.

Consider also the walls of the bedroom and use them to add the mirror and sinks. They will also serve as a separation between the bedroom and bathroom areas.

Design elements

Once the layout is settled, it’s time to choose the elements that will create the design of the bathroom integrated into the bedroom.

To provide a spa-like feel, a designer freestanding bathtub is a perfect choice. Imagine soaking in a bath at the end of a long day and enjoying a total relaxation experience.

Two popular choices for en suite bathroom designs are the romantic Beta essential collection and the contemporary Space collection.

diseño de baños en suite
diseño de baños en suite

Modern shower trays are also an excellent, super-functional alternative. Choose minimalist designs and add rain showerheads for a revitalizing experience.

Don’t worry about storage, Hidrobox shower features such as shelves, niches and panels will help you store your shower accessories without interfering with the design of the space.

duchas para baños en suite
duchas ARQ para baños en suite

Finally, sinks are a central part of any bathroom and can make a style statement on their own. Choose sleek designs that match the overall aesthetic of your room. Built-in sinks in designer vanities such as those in the Program collection are popular choices that add style and functionality.