Mediterranean style bathrooms, with their natural charm, freshness and peaceful atmosphere, have become a beautiful, timeless and very popular choice for a serene and rejuvenating bathing experience.

There are many ideas to fill these spaces with freshness and naturalness. Although, one of the most powerful tools to immerse ourselves in the Mediterranean style is no doubt the evocation of the sea thanks to the color blue.

Ocean and Metropoli: The Essence of the Mediterranean

When we think of Mediterranean decoration we think of white and blue. Two colors that evoke the cities of the Mediterranean coast like the Greek Islands or the Balearic Islands. Two places full of charm that invite us to escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

From Hidrobox we propose two shades of blue that are the visual personification of the splendorous Mediterranean Sea: The Ocean and Metropoli shades:

The Ocean color, as its name suggests, is inspired by the calm and beautiful waters of the ocean. A color that fills the space with intimacy and peace.

The color Metropoli offers the strength and boldness of the Mediterranean Sea. A trendy color that conveys power and freshness to the bathroom space.

Mediterranean style bathrooms adopt these two shades in their color palette creating a visual symphony that takes you to this captivating Mediterranean coast.

lavabo de Estilo Mediterráneo
lavabos de Estilo Mediterráneo

Natural Finishes for Mediterranean Style Bathrooms

But color isn’t everything. An essential feature of the Mediterranean style is the incorporation of natural elements, both in the decoration and in the textures of the different elements of the bathroom space.

Designer washbasins and shower trays in slate or cement texture and accessories with natural fibers combine perfectly with Ocean and Metropoli shades to create a balanced and welcoming aesthetic.

Along with texture, don’t forget about natural light. To this end, you should select washbasins and shower trays that are committed to tradition, such as the Iconik Tribute collection, and that allow light to circulate thanks to the glass partitions, creating a feeling of space and connection with the outdoors.

Plato de ducha de Estilo Mediterráneo
Plato de ducha Iconik Tribute de Estilo Mediterráneo
baño Estilo Mediterráneo