Today, in addition to looking for attractive, practical and comfortable bathroom designs, we are looking for bathrooms to be sustainable as well.
The growing concern for the environment due to the terrible consequences of climate change is present in our day to day.

Both in daily habits and in the way we consume and produce.
In this way, in addition to saving water with our daily habits or installing taps that help us save water, we also seek that the products and furniture that make up the bathroom space have been produced in an efficient way.

And, above all, taking into account the impact on the environment of its entire creation process.

For this reason, in Hidrobox we look for designs of shower trays, panels, sinks and countertops that respect the environment under a clear objective.
Create “sustainable products focused on people and the life cycle.”

The Importance of the Environment For Hidrobox – Sustainable Baths

At Hidrobox we are concerned that products have a durable and respectful life cycle with users and their environment. And to be able to create sustainable bathrooms thanks to them.

To do this, we take into consideration from the capture of raw material resources, to the transportation, manufacturing and product completion processes.

And that this life cycle is integrated with the planet in the best possible way.

We present the life cycle of Hidrobox products:

  1. Low water consumption during the manufacturing process, through alternatives and recycling.
  2. Sustainable waste management, through its reduction and reuse in other industries.
  3. Zero percent uncontrolled waste.
  4. Energy efficient processes, with minimal consumption and investments for the development of efficient facilities.
  5. Selection of raw materials for the productive impact and its later life.
  6. Transportation improvement programs to reduce the carbon footprint.
  7. Design for sustainability and a long product life cycle.
  8. Manufacture of silica-free materials.
  9. Use of packaging and documentation with low impact and recyclability.
  10.  Integration with the natural environment, collaborating with public organizations for a better result.
  11. Control and reduction of emissions to the environment.

With the designs of shower trays, panels, sinks and countertops from Hidrobox, designing sustainable bathrooms is easier than ever.
Because reducing water consumption is not the only thing we can do to help the environment in the bathroom space.

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