Imagine a modern shower tray, which blends with the design of your bathroom to turn it into a dream space. We all know that shower trays offer the functionality that a bathroom needs. They are more practical and comfortable for day to day. But when we talk about design, it is harder for us to imagine it.

And if we prefer to shower in our daily lives, why not design shower trays that ooze style and versatility? We present you the Hidrobox collections with which you will fall in love with shower trays and your imagination will come true.

colección platos de ducha Neo Plus


The NEO PLUS shower tray collection presents a pure and essential design with great customization options, both in materials, dimensions and colors.

A custom shower tray that also has a differentiating element, the grid.
A hallmark that allows you to add a touch of originality by choosing between two designs and multiple finishes

colección platos de ducha Line


Current, minimalist and structured. The fine lines of the LINE shower tray collection convey undoubted elegance.

LINE is characterized by its sleek and modern drain line, which gives refinement to the shower tray. All this without losing its maximum functionality. A design and engineering success for the most sophisticated bathrooms.

colección platos de ducha Twins


The TWINS shower tray collection is characterized by its novel unconventional shape. A peculiar degree of asymmetry in the design and a hidden drain bring harmony and freedom to the shower space.

In addition, it allows infinite combinations where color and shape take center stage. Twins makes a virtue of difference.

colección platos de ducha Quadro


The QUADRO shower tray collection is the favorite among the hospitality industry. This series stands out for including in its design the frames that facilitate the perimeter retention of water in the shower area. In addition, its slate texture provides warmth to the touch and the safety of its non-slip finish.

It is a collection with a simple and elegant design, as well as practical and versatile.


The ONE collection of shower trays stands out for its great versatility, being able to be integrated together with different decorative trends. It is made of slate texture, in 5 standard colors and has the possibility of a grid in the same color. A simple collection designed for quick and easy installation and manufacturing.

colección platos de ducha Arq


The most contemporary style is enveloped with the ARQ shower tray collection. It is distinguished by its attractive industrial air, by the wide variety of formats it offers and by its central linear drain always in the same color as the plate.

In addition, it presents a continuous surface with the appearance of a cement application, favored by having a lid with the same finish.

colección platos de ducha Unique


The UNIQUE shower tray collection is a perfect solution for designers, as it allows maximum individualization. Round, oval, asymmetrical … Unique allows you to customize the shower tray with the shape and size you want. And that’s not all, it also allows selecting the type and position of drainage.