In recent years the bathroom, in addition to being one of the main rooms in homes, has become a designer room. Although due to its daily use, organizing the bathroom and making it an exclusive space of comfort is not always as easy as it seems.

We have numerous hygiene and beauty products that we need to hide so that everything is tidy and the feeling of relaxation and spaciousness that we seek is appreciated.

For this, there are design elements created exclusively for bathrooms such as panels, niches, shelves or totem poles for bathtubs that help create that feeling of order and comfort. We present them to you:

Design elements for showers

The glass-enclosed showers bring serenity and elegance to the bathroom, but… Yes, you see everything. And as the queen of order Marie Kondo points out: We must keep the corners of the shower clear, that is, we must never leave hygiene products resting on the bottom of the shower.
So … where do we leave them?We have different design solutions for it.

The niches for panels facilitate the storage of hygiene products and accessories, leaving the shower area free of them. In this way, we have a design element integrated into the shower assembly in which hygiene products can be stored and ‘hidden’. They are a perfect complement to the shower area, with a sober design and practical character.

The niches also allow the installation of a faucet drawer if desired. And, far from what we can think, the water does not remain stagnant inside. They are supplied with a drain to the shower tray at the bottom of the panel.

Another design option that will also help us keep our bathroom tidy is the storage shelves for the showers. They also offer the option of installing the taps inside and leaving the entire bathroom space with a unique and coherent design.We have different design solutions for it.

hornancinas para ducha
estantes para duchas
paneles para duchas

Design elements for freestanding bathtubs

When there is a freestanding bathtub in a bathroom, it becomes the center of attention due to its spectacularity, design and elegance. For this reason, as in showers, we cannot let beauty and hygiene products ‘dirty’ this design by being visible.

In this case, the ideal is to add auxiliary elements such as totem poles and bathroom shelves that facilitate the location of necessary accessories during the bathroom at the same time that they can integrate functionalities such as the housing of taps.

Now that you know our design elements to organize the bathroom, are you ready to incorporate them into your projects?

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bañera exenta de diseño solid surface